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Rotunda Roundhouses are circular timber-framed prefabricated eco-buildings suitable for use as garden guest-rooms, yoga studios, therapy rooms, granny annexes, holiday cottages and school or nursery classrooms.  We build & install in the UK and Europe. 

roundhouse garden room round concept yurt Home Page roundhouse garden room round conceptThe Rotunda is unlike any other building available in the UK, it’s a fully functional high-performance building with excellent thermal dynamics and jaw-dropping aesthetics.  Being modular, a Roundhouse installation can be completed in as little as two weeks, ensuring minimum disruption to your site or business.

Inspired by the ancient civilisations who walked upon this earth before us; the Roundhouse is the oldest form of architecture & inspires and enchants all who have the pleasure of stepping inside one.

 The Rotunda is more than just a building; it’s a philosophy

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