Our Inspiration

The Modern, Sustainable Equivalent to the Yurt

It goes without saying; we are deeply passionate about Round Structures!

Many are surprised and curious as to why we wish to build exclusively ‘in the round‘ but we actually have more reasons to build to a circular footprint than any other form. In all honesty, we aren’t actually doing anything new; we’re just reviving a form of architecture which has existed for thousands of years. Instinctively, we know that our Rotundas are positively refreshing (and a joy to spend time in!) and we draw our inspiration not only from ancient and nomadic cultures, but also by researching emerging trends within contemporary eco-builds. This helps us identify exactly why the circular footprint is so special and what a circular space can provide for it’s inhabitants, albeit just for a weekend getaway or a place to study. Below are a few examples of building ‘in the round‘ and the many reasons for doing so:

The Iron Age Celtic Roundhouse (originally built in western Europe)
Mongolian Yurts (and their modern day equivalents)
Tulou Hakka walled village (unique to the Hakka people of Southern China)
The Roundhouse (Entertainment Venue in London)
Abergwynfi Primary School (Designed by Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council)

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