About Rotunda Roundhouses

The ‘Rotunda’ modular eco-building was brought into existence in 2011/2012 by our founder and spatial designer Gemma Roe.  Pregnant at the time with her first child, Gemma was on a mission to create a truly sustainable structure which would enhance human well-being & celebrate our British Woodlands.  Above all else, she was determined to provide an uplifting and inspiring alternative to the vast swathe of generic boxes available in the marketplace today.   Drawing inspiration from the curves in nature and the neolithic and Iron age Roundhouses, Gemma started from the very beginning.  The circle. The symbol of unity & the parent of all subsequent shapes.

Gemma feels passionately that the wonderful feeling we get from curves and circles within our built environment is hard-wired into our DNA (See https://rotunda.co.uk/our-philosophy/).  Some may call it an over-enthusiastic bout of ‘nesting instinct’ but she prefers to think of it as divine inspiration!

Recently, she was honoured to have been presented with a prestigious National Business award for “Mums in Business” and won the ‘Established Star’ category in June 2019.  She is very passionate about encouraging other women to set up their own businesses to be a force for positive change in the UK.

Gemma runs Rotunda Roundhouses with two other co-directors (Philip Kay and Joanna Hayes) and a team of experienced joiners and carpenters with over 40 years of building experience.

Philip Kay

He’s been building houses since the age of 22 and there isn’t anything he doesn’t know about construction.

He’s astonishingly fussy and has a keen eye for good workmanship! A stickler for time, and a stickler for quality. Philip personally ensures that the devil is in the detail and that our clients are being looked after – each and every step of the way.

Philip is a leader of men and admired by many – and the chattiest person you’re ever likely to meet.  Feel free to pick up the phone if you’re having a bad day, Philip is an expert at cheering people up and ensuring that our clients are delivered not only a flawless product but a lot of laughter along the way!

Joanna Hayes

There isn’t a job too big for Joanna – she’s a sharp cookie and she’s been working with Rotunda for over six years now, keeping the books in order, keeping the timber moving in the right direction, maintaining an efficient workshop and keeping our team together!  If you’re in Joanna’s hands you know your job is going to run smoothly!  (IE: If you want a Rotunda constructed on a mountain, in a hurricane, whilst facing a timber-shortage, she’s your woman!)

The Joinery Team – +12 craftsmen with over 60 years combined experience in joinery and manufacturing.

Our skilled joinery team consists of skilled cabinet makers, site joiners, bench joiners and plastering and finishing tradesmen.

We have a team of skilled tradesmen for fitting and installation, led by Graeme (that smiley chap on the left!),  Simon and Lee.   All three are partial to a bacon sandwich and we find that they work faster on site when they’re being spoilt by our clients with tea, coffee & compliments! 

In our workshop, we rely entirely on the skill and expert craftsmanship of our lead cabinet maker Dan and his team of joiners who make the precision engineered panels a work of art.

Lesser-known (but just as important!) members of our team

We work closely with architects, surveyors and architectural technicians who all help to bring our clients dreams into reality.      We also welcome the involvement of two of our longest-standing friends and accomplices, Dawn Heather Gibbins and our company mascot Esmee Connelly (who, without her arrival eight years ago, the Rotunda may not have been possible!)In 2018 we were joined by two additional shareholders.  Our clients, who loved the product so much they invested in our future growth by becoming part of our team.  Sally Woods (R) and Maria Woods (C) (with Joanna (L))

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