Eco Lodges – Leisure and Glamping

We work with private landowners looking to embark on a new leisure venture and existing accommodation providers wishing to create a luxury bolt-on to their business to increase their revenues, maximise profits and upgrade their business model.

There is something incredibly evocative about a luxury, high-end Roundhouse which has led to the Rotunda being dubbed “The Bentley of the Leisure Industry” by leading Glamping experts over recent years.  Being a more exclusive eco-build with a price tag which reflects the quality and longevity of these buildings, these are not the run-of-the mill lodge structure and are only found in small, isolated developments across the UK and Europe.

The leisure and Glamping industry in the UK is growing at a steady rate and we are finding that many of our clients are looking to rise above the industry standard to something more iconic and eclectic in it’s nature.

If you are:

  • In a rural and beautiful setting
  • Wishing to achieve >£100 per night per room
  • Promoting to the top end of the market
  • Passionate about providing an exceptional service to your guests
  • Hoping to achieve much of your business through word of mouth and repeat visits
  • Careful about providing natural, eco, and sustainable luxury accessories
  • Set in amongst trees, hillsides and other organic, natural features
  • Feel that there is a requirement for more accommodation options in your area
  • Understand how to make a leisure business thrive
  • Are seeking for more long-term stays over 1-2 night short breaks
  • Require a fully operational, centrally heated, superbly insulated lodge/cottage
  • Wish to rise above all of your competition and achieve >80% occupancy rates

The Rotunda Eco-Lodge may very well be the revenue generating asset you are seeking for it ties in beautifully with the above circumstances.

After all, if you are investing in developing your business, it’s best to invest wisely. Invest in an asset which brings you a good return over a liability which could cost you in your time, money and reputation.

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