Interior Design Finishes

Sinterior design - standard interior wall finishtandard Finishes

Smooth Matt Paint finish on wide panels

Our Standard Wall finish is a smooth painted finish on the internal stud wall surface which accentuates the curves perfectly and is a beautiful backdrop for your chosen interior.
You specify the shade, we’ll paint it!

brushed chrome socketStainless Steel Electricity Sockets

The electrics come built in and as standard, we fit 4 x double power sockets, your consumer unit, light switches and low energy recessed lights.
(If you have any specific requirements such as data cables and TV/Phone-line installations please do let us know at the point of order and we shall of course install these as part of your personal design specification.)
Our standard insert is ‘white’ but ‘black’ is also available if you’d prefer it.

Standard flooring for garden eco-pod roomV-Groove low VOC Oak Laminate Flooring

Tough, Durable and easy to clean. Laminate flooring – low VOC content and resistant to moisture and decay. Compatible with Underfloor heating and suitable for Rotundas being used as Garden Offices or Studios.

Alternatives Available

We can also provide some additional ‘non-standard’ interior design elements and finishes to your Rotunda, including the following;

Bespoke Interior Design - Wooden FlooringStrand Woven Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo is a beautiful, ecologically friendly alternative to hardwood flooring.
Strand woven bamboo flooring is created in a unique manner, using a totally different process than traditional laminate type flooring and is 4x tougher and resilient than oak flooring. The bamboo plant is a highly renewable grass which is able to grow to maturity in as little as three to five years. This is much faster than hardwood trees which can take upwards of twenty years or more to reach maturity.

Bespoke T&G Interior WallsBritish Larch T&G with Farrow & Ball Shade Matched Paint Finish

We love the rustic charm of British Larch T&G within our Rotundas.

This is an additional extra but is well worth the initial outlay if you prefer the idea of ‘country living’ in your garden with that little extra luxury to complement a log burning stove and overhead feature beams.

(The T&G adds another 3 days to the installation schedule and can be prone to a little movement as the building settles; the seasons can affect the wood very slightly, this does add to the charm but if you’re after a ‘flawless’ finish then this mightn’t be the option for you).

Bespoke Interior Design - Natural Oak Derry SampleNatura Oak FSC Engineered Wood Flooring

For those of you with a penchant for traditional wooden flooring, we can install FSC certified ‘Natura Oak Derry Engineered Wood Flooring’.
It’s a brushed oiled plank floor with a rustic appearance. With its subtle textured surface, the floor exudes an element of depth, adding another dimension to the Rotunda.

Bespoke Interior Design Service

interior design mood boardYour Rotunda is a unique space and if you require assistance with adding a special touch to the final finishes and interior design aspects, we offer a full interior planning and design service.
Where you might be planning on a garden building with sectional walls, bathrooms, kitchen units and luxury bedrooms we can design and furnish internal stud walls with fabrics, wallpapers and of course assist you with soft furnishing ideas. Please call us for further details on our interior design and planning services.

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