Eco Garden Rooms – Homeowners and self-employed professionals

The Rotunda garden room is an architecturally designed eco-building which sits beautifully in your garden as an alternative to a home extension, conservatory or other traditionally built outbuilding.

Designed to sit well in a rural environment, the curves of the Rotunda offer you a highly functional space which delivers all of the promise of a contemporary timber-framed building with a holistic and creative appeal.  The Rotunda enhances a garden and makes an iconic statement which can tie in with your overall garden design.  The beauty of a circular footprint means that you needn’t feel it necessary to push it into a corner or against a wall or hedge as you would a rectangular garden outbuilding.  As with a magnificent Oak Tree, a tower or folly, the Rotunda can serve as a feature in a central area of the garden and can be supported by curved pathways, creative planting and ponds or other garden features.  This Garden room sits well against water and can be crafted with a decking, veranda or platform area which can extend out to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing external space.

Many of our clients use these stand-alone buildings as:

  • Granny Annexes
  • Yoga Studios
  • Home offices
  • Teenagers’ dens and bedrooms
  • Holistic Workshop spaces
  • Treatment rooms
  • Creative studios

Compared to other options available to you, the Garden Room is a superior choice to a traditional home extension or conservatory and can give you a perfectly functional and habitable space which is set apart from your home as a space which is tailored to a specific requirement.

Each and every Rotunda is unique, and many of our buildings have been designed to include:

  • Integration with off-grid technologies such as air heat source pumps
  • Full heating and boiler systems
  • Underfloor heating and Infra red heating panels
  • Electric or manual (spindle) Opening domes and velux rooflights
  • Radial wing extensions to maximise space and retain the form of the central roundel
  • Fully fitted kitchens and bathrooms, wet-rooms and shower rooms
  • Porch and veranda areas
  • Multiple entrance and exit doors with decking, steps and/or ramped access
  • A choice of floor finishes
  • Bespoke paint finishes
  • Full interior design schemes and complimentary mood boards
  • External lighting – down lights installed within the  projecting roof canopies of the veranda

From the moment you embark on your Rotunda journey, you’ll find the process enjoyable, creative and rewarding.  We offer a free consultation and site survey to assess your site and run through your wish-list of finishes, features, orientation and design style.

Manufactured in a factory controlled environment in as little as 4-6 weeks, the Rotunda is constructed in prefabricated timber-framed cassettes; fully compliant to Buildings Regulations, this unique little building is installed by our team of skilled joiners and craftsmen who create a bespoke building, around your design requests.

Once the building is fabricated, we deliver it to site in panels and construct the unit in as little as 10 days.  The magic of prefabricated construction ensures that the installation causes minimal disruption to your home or business and avoids the risk of lengthy build costs or on-site complications.

But why choose a timber framed garden building over a brick built or steel frame?  

Timber has the lowest CO2 impact of any commercial building method. Compared to steel and concrete has an enormous environmental impact, the timber framing industry is a welcomed alternative,

  • As a natural insulator, the timber frame boosts the insulating properties of the structure. This helps minimise the energy needed for heating and cooling homes, which typically leads to less use of fossil fuels.
  • Timber frames also allow more space for insulation than brick constructions, enhancing thermal efficiency.
  • Timber is non-toxic, does not leak chemical vapour into the building and is safe to handle and touch. It also means that as timber ages, it does so naturally.
  • The quality-controlled factory environment means fewer product faults and on-site complications.
  • A timber frame can be engineered and prefabricated offsite and assembled quickly with minimal waste.  What waste is left, can be used for firewood.
  • Wood is effectively a carbon-neutral material (even allowing for transport) and timber frame has the lowest CO2 cost of any commercially available building material.   It takes very little energy to convert the wood in trees to the timber used in building. This means that the embodied energy in timber is low. It is the lowest of almost all common building materials.
  • Trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere throughout their growing cycle of life.  When the tree is felled and milled the carbon remains stored in the timber until it breaks down, burns or decomposes. A timber framed home or commercial building may hold a substantial amount of carbon.
  • Timber-framed buildings are far quicker to erect than brick or stone buildings. A quicker build time clearly saves time and money for both domestic and commercial property owners
  • Due to the lightweight nature of a timber-framed building the amount of groundwork required is greatly reduced. Therefore our buildings can be placed on caravan code footings, plinths or above ground on piles or steel screws minimising any damage to tree roots or the topsoil.
  • Timber is a naturally breathable material, and with the correct membranes inside and outside of the framework, the building is dry and warm and well ventilated.  The Rotunda has double vented timber walls. Timber framed buildings are wrapped in a waterproof and insulating breathing membrane. This breathing membrane allows moisture in the air to escape out of the building – but prevents it from entering the building.
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