The Environmental Philosophy

Rotunda Environmental Psychology

Environmental Psychologists are finding that because humans evolved in a natural landscape, it is advisable to turn to the natural environment for clues about preference patterns that may be applicable to building design to enhance our wellbeing.  

Look around at trees, rivers, the diverse landscapes offered by nature and the growth and activity in your garden… You’ll be unable to find a right angle.

A growing body of research shows that building environments that connect people to nature are more supportive of human emotional well-being and cognitive performance than environments lacking these features.

Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Building Materials Environmental Our Philosophy carbon footprintWellbeing… for you and our native woodlands

There is more to a Rotunda than shape alone however;  in keeping with our enthusiasm for human wellbeing and the natural world, we have a very strong environmental philosophy and are striving to provide a much needed boost to our British woodlands.  We use Scottish and UK Grown timbers for our cladding, windows and doors;  the profits of these purchases go straight back into woodland management schemes.  We’d like to think that the construction industry (currently one of the worst in terms of carbon emissions) can actually turn on it’s head and start benefiting the environment by introducing clever resource management and using a sustainable and local supply chain.

Wellness means clean air and reduced toxins in construction; we prefer to avoid chemical toxins found in common construction materials (mostly in plastics, polystyrene & polyurethane foam insulation, SIPs panels).

Our local supply chain coupled with the efficiency of our manufacturing processes and the thermal efficiency of the buildings being ‘in the round’ provides a building which has the lowest carbon footprint possible!

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