Rotunda Garden Room Sizes

Rotunda Garden Rooms come as fully installed buildings, with full electrics, high performance eco-insulation throughout, damp-proof membranes, British Larch Cladding, toughened low-E argon filled double glazing, five point locking systems, double glazed doors and all internal and external paint finishes, 10 year insurance backed guarantee and chain of custody certificate.

3.5M Diameter

3.5m Rotunda Garden Rooms
7m2 floor area (3m internal diameter) – ideal for a compact garden, for use as an:

  • Office
  • Creative Space
  • Music Studio
  • Art Studio

For further information on the Rotunda 3.5M Diameter Garden Rooms, please Click Here.


4.5M Diameter

4.5m Rotunda Garden Rooms
12.4m2 floor area (4m internal diameter) – absolutely stunning as a:

  • Spare Guest Bedroom
  • Meditation Area
  • Writers Retreat
  • Music Room / Piano Room
  • Dining Room

For further information on the Rotunda 4.5M Diameter Garden Room, please Click Here.


5.5M Diameter

5.5m Rotunda Garden Rooms

19.5m2 floor area (5m internal diameter) – absolutely stunning as a:

  • Bedroom / Extra Accommodation
  • Dance Studio / Music Room
  • Mediation and Yoga Space
  • Library / Reading Room
  • Nursery / Classroom
  • Pottery Studio


For further information on the Rotunda 5.5M Diameter Garden Rooms, please Click Here.


6.6M Diameter

6.5m Rotunda Garden Rooms


28m2 floor area (6m internal diameter)- absolutely stunning as a:

  • Holiday Lodge – Annex – Living Space
  • Dance Studio
  • Classroom / Training Centre
  • Therapy Studio
  • Meditation Space
  • Conference Suite

For further information on the 6.5M Diameter Garden Room Rotunda, please Click Here.


Thank you so much for helping us transform our home and lives! We are overjoyed with our Rotunda, “Shalom”. Words cannot express what it means to us both, to have this beautiful space. We are already feeling so peaceful and relaxed and it brings us great joy that everyone has seen it, loves it as much as we do! We have had so many wonderful comments from neighbours! Thank you for your vision and creation, for your attention to detail and your commitment to ensure that from the initial enquiry through to the finish of the installation we have always felt your passion and dedication. Thank you and your team for making Christmas 2013 extra special!


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